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Guitar Hero II: German Metal

Guitar Hero II: German Metal
Autor: Bruno

Plataforma : Ps2

Nivel: Hard ,Expert (algumas músicas podem apresentar outros níveis)

Download: Partes :Mediafire (9 partes de 95.78 MB, 1 parte de 57.17 MB)

Editado em cima do GH2

Imagem : Iso

Set List:

1 Mad Butcher

Accept-Aiming High
Accept-Metal Heart
Blind Guardian-Otherland
Destruction-Mad Butcher
Encore:Gamma Ray-Lust for Life (Live)

2 Nightfall

Accept-Bound Fail
Blind Guardian-The Curse of Feanor
Sodom-Iron First
Gamma Ray-New World Order
Encore:Heaven Shall Burn-Endzeit

3 Rock you like Hurricane

Scorpions-In Trance
Scorpions-Rithim of Love
Gamma Ray-Real World

4 Resstless and Wild

Accept-Fast as a Shark
Gamma Ray-Somewhere out in Space
Helloween-The Dark Ride
Encore:Primal Fear-The Final Embrance

5 Metal Heart

Accept-Flash Rockin Man
Gamma Ray-Tribute to the Past
Helloween-Victim of Fate
Rage-Set this world on fire
Encore:Rammstein-Links 2 3 4

6 Lovedrive

Accept-Living for Tonite
Gamma Ray-Valley of the Kings
Rage-Straigh to |Hell
Rammstein-Du Hast
]Encore:Running Wild-Blazon Stone

7 Don't Stop at the Top

Accept-Love Child
Gamma Ray-Lost in the Future
Rammstein-Feurer Frei
Running Wild-Treasure Island
Encore:Scorpions-Still Loving you

8 Balls to the Wall

Accept-Resstless and Wild
Accept-princess of the Dawn
Gamma Ray-No Stranger(Another day in Life)
Encore:Runnin Wild-Conquistadores

Heavy Metal Breakdown(Bonus)

Equilibrium-Blut im Auge
Running Wild-Marooned
Scorpions-Bad Boys Running Wild
Accept-Son of a Bitch
Accept-Up to the Limit
Accept-Wrong is Right
Avantasia-Reach out for the Light
Scorpions-He a woman She a Man
Kreator-Murder Fantasies
Gamma Ray-Watcher in the Sky
Blind Guardian-Mirror Mirror
Grave Digger-Excalibur
Grave Digger-The Final War
Grave Digger-Morgane Le fay
Gamma ray-Beyond the Black hole
Blind Guardian-Nightfall
Rammstein-Waidmanns Heil
Gamma Ray-Men,Martians and Machines
Gamma Ray-The Guardians of Mankind
Gamma Ray-The Winged Horse
Tankard-The Morning After

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